Film and Cinematography enthusiast. I aspire to become a filmmaker and change Hollywood's’ standards for film because its in a crisis. I love making videos with a deep analysis of the subject matter.

Chief of Letters

Damola Muse


International student from Mexico City, pursuing a business degree in Marketing as well as in Real Estate. I enjoy spending time with my dog, Weezy!

President of Money

Fer McGregor


Kind of a programmer who just likes to tinker with electronics. Author of the character "Gabriel Wallace" and co-editor of this website.

Director of Directions

Ian Bryan


Artist, Animal Lover, Traveler. 

Author of the character "Sloane Marie" and co-editor of this website. 

I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list. 

President of People

Sammy Flores


Current Marketing student from Nottingham, England. I’m obsessed with my mini bernedoodle, Fawna.

Executive of Managers

Sienna Knox

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